I grew up in Idaho, the daughter of an avid outdoorsman. Following my dad over mountain trails, and floating the South Fork of the Snake River with him in the old yellow rubber raft, I learned to see and love the beauty of the earth. That connection with nature is still my touchstone, my soul’s anchor. I moved from Idaho over twenty-five years ago, and have since lived in Arizona and Utah, where I have fallen in love with the desert, especially the red rock country.

I have studied at the Tucson Museum of Art School with Michael Cajero, at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona, and received a BFA in fine art with an emphasis in sculpture from Brigham Young University. I also completed K-12 Art Education certification and taught art for several years in Utah schools. I have also taught workshops to adults, teens, and children in several venues, including ArtAccess in Salt Lake City.
I continue to learn from other artists through classes, workshops, and conferences. I have been able to study with some of my ceramic sculpture heroes- Adrian Arleo, Debra Fritts,  Cristina Cordova, Lisa Clague and Kelly Rathbone Rebo. I have done graduate work in ceramic sculpture at Brigham Young University, where I also taught beginning ceramics classes. I exhibit my work in regional and national shows, and am represented by A Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Artist Statement

The human figure is the vehicle I use to express how I experience this journey of life. I often include elements from the natural world because it is such a source of comfort and joy for me. Many of my figures are quiet and introspective as I seek to express the inner life of the mind and spirit through a gaze, a posture or a gesture.

I build my figures using coils and slabs, firing them multiple times as I add layers of engobes, oxides, underglazes and glazes until I achieve the desired effect.